Wednesday, 24 June 2015

posh stuff and nonsense

There’s a recession on. I know because clients keep telling me, although there seems to be nothing slowing down the luxury market. BMW has stopped making cars, hurrah, and, in case you’ve missed the commercial, are now making “Joy.” Marvellous, although to that guy in the 7-series who tries to kill me every morning on Witkoppen Road I would suggest they conjure up another, altogether darker, emotion.

Anyway the commercial comes in numerous international guises, presumably some countries are more susceptible to the concept of a bunch of Germans bringing them joy. The UK, where I suspect this nebulous nonsense originated, have Patrick Stewart boldly telling us where to for joy over a rather bouncy version of The Lightning Seeds “Sense”. Experience your own bubble of happiness at:

Other countries are playing a rather more explanatory piece, still full of the post “Love Actually” split screen stuff and stumbling with the heavy-handed line, “What you make people feel is just as important as what you make.” (Unless you’re in hurry to get to the shops I would suggest). Anyway catch the non Brit version at:

Maybe you’ll see what it is that drives South African communists mad about them.
Speaking of conspicuous consumption, Chris Cunningham of Production Company RSA has directed the new spot for the new Gucci smell. Flora. If you ever wondered how they created crop circles then this will help solve the problem. Basically a woman stands in a field and sort of, well, swooshes her arms about much in the manner of my charming art director when she does her Kate Bush “Wuthering Heights” impression. It’s disturbing, (both of them actually), but not quite as weird as the idea that thousands of small Italians spent years developing a new smell and then named it after a best selling margarine. Sniff it out at:

If you’re into such things you can even catch a whiff of how the magic was made at:
When she’s not out buying children and wearing appalling leotards Madonna still tends to rule the world. Not only does she know a thing or two about spending filthy lucre she can still spin a pretty tune or two. If you’re a fan you’ll have seen many of the techniques used on show in Mr. Cunningham’s video for her “Frozen” track. Although the Mighty Madge is shown walking through the Mojave Desert resplendent in her Henna tattoos it’s definitely the same crazy loon in a space waving their arms about stuff but this one won an MTV Video Music Award for “Best special effects.” Watch her barminess in full spooky flow at:

There’s a rather splendid remix by those Stereo MC chaps at:
It’s a good way to earn a few bob, and god knows we’ll be needing them soon.

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