Wednesday, 24 June 2015

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Everyone needs a little support, some of us more than others. Manchester United, for instance, are extremely proud that their fan base straddles the known world, Japanese temple bells and Bolivian Guinea Pig farms are festooned with pictures of Rooney and Giggsy. Teenagers in Brazilian slums wear the same number 9 shirt as surfers on Bondi beach, much to the glee of the merchandisers. The Red Devils have recently signed a deal to wear some American company’s logo for three years worth around $135 million, that’s at least Rinaldo’s leg worth, and, handy when you’ve got a salary bill that would make a Hollywood blockbuster seem cheap.
Merchandising is overshadowing adland’s contribution to the fame game at every turn. The New York Yankees, the doyens of hot dog ingesting coke guzzling have realised that the fan who buys the poster, the shirt and the bobbly hat is always looking for ways to show his loyalty. Luckily DeLea Sod farms, the guys who grow the grass for Yankee Stadium pitch have now made their product available to the public. For only $14.99 you can now own a 3oz bag of the same 100% Kentucky Bluegrass that your heroes have trampled. It’s proven very popular so far and maybe after 2010 looms in the rear view mirror we’ll be able to buy Greenpoint Stadium turf. Get your hands on a few silly sod at:

These days it can really pay to be a fan. Music enthusiasts in Australia can now earn real money, well Australian Dollars, for supporting their favourite bands. All you do is register with Posse, (, then choose from the list of upcoming gigs, add these to your own personal store, stick it on your Facebook, MySpace or Twitter sites and wait for someone else to buy a ticket using your link. You pick up a healthy 5% commission and keep in touch with what your favourite rock geezers are up to. My wonderful art director, who isn’t short of a few fans herself, is all over this idea like a cheap Jenny Button knock-off suit, her decidedly off-tune voice warbling a little ditty of support by the Mouldy Peaches; “We both have shiny, happy fits of rage, you want more fans, I want more stage…”

Langenfeld has long had its hardcore of fans amongst the hordes of tourists wending their way along the lederhosen trail through the Austrian Alps. Recently, however, the locals have banded together to try to encourage new influx of sturdy boots and knee length socks into the area. They invited over 200 people who registered online to a long weekend of activities from rafting, hiking, climbing and biking to relaxing in the local spa. When it was time to head home the visitors were asked to fill in a survey then to pay what they thought the holiday was worth. Obviously it was designed to give the locals a feel for what tourists were after and what they could charge for it, but for the travellers all it took was a little judicious fiddling and they had a freebie of their lives. Other Live Quality Checks have so far included Singapore hotels and London restaurants, become a fan at:

Fast food fanatics across the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. of A. are being asked to rise up from their couches and move their capacious backsides over to Burgerville to experience a healthier version of rapid repast. Committed to using only local and organic ingredients they offer such delicacies as Rosemary Shoestring potatoes, Yukon and White Bean Burger and Pumpkin shakes. Backing the front of house offering with a recycling programme that reuses their canola oil for biodiesel fuel and a wind-generated electricity scheme they are trying to reverse the terrible PR that has hit the fast food industry over recent years. Cast your hungry eyes over their website at:

Finally while I’m mentioning fanatical behaviour I’d like to say “2018” and “FIFA,” and dare I go as far as “World Cup?” I just thought I’d get them in now because fairly soon the worldwide merchandising legal beavers will be descending on us and I won’t be able to use such provocative language again ithout shelling out a not so small fortune, until the final whistle has blown on the FIFA 2018 Football World Cup, there, I’ve said it again

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