Wednesday, 24 June 2015

No Can Do...

It’s that time of year when I get to see how many, if any, of the ads I’ve smiled at during the year have made it to the Cannes hopeful list. Without further ado I’d like to point out that I recognised the genius that is the Britvic “Drench” commercial at first sighting. It still tweaks the smile muscle and leaves you humming the soundtrack in inappropriate meetings. Crafted by CHI & Partners, London, and put together production company, Rattling Stick it will hopefully have them all making a song and dance about it. Have another look at:

The Hovis “Go on lad” spot remains a breath-taking technical achievement, combining the charm of one of the longest running campaigns with a whole heap of techno-wizardry it might prove a tad obvious for the eclectic tastes of the judging tables but I bet it made many a consumer smile. Enjoy a slice of British life at:
The world of “shapes and objects made out of people” may be a tired old stalwart these days with many claiming to have been first with the technique, but surely Publicis Ambience of Mumbai have to take the prize for the most lavish use of bendy people. Their “Man-made machine” ad for Himani is as dazzling as it is tricksy. It lacks the simplicity of its fore runners but as a commercial for pain relief gel it will take some beating. Unfortunately it is the latest in a long line of “guess what we are now” pieces and will probably be overlooked in the South of France. See how it stacks up at:

The first time I saw one of the Orange commercials for their mobile phones I laughed. And then I sat down and laughed a whole lot more. They are a perfect example of how one great idea can be built upon again and again, which frankly is a breath of fresh air that adland could do with breathing in deeply as we bounce from one off ad to one off ad.
I recommend you start with the Snoop Dog spot at:

Move easily onto Rob Lowe:

And end with Darth Vader:

There are quite a few other executions you can uncover for yourself or wait for the Cannes award winners reel where they should shine prominently. (Look out for the Angelica Houston one featuring the line, “Ms Houston, we have a problem.”)

The delightfully bizarre “Mini Cab Company” for Fernet 1882 is worth another look too. Created by Madre of Buenos Aires it’s just barmy enough to drive away with a gong or two, and I’d be eternally grateful if someone can explain it to me, preferably over a cold beer or five down at The Brazen Head on a Saturday lunchtime. Take a ride at:

In the silly ads that might just make it big category, the James Boag ad, ”Pure Waters” where everything that touches the local river is vastly improved, is a definite contender. Some of the vignettes are utterly delicious, the guy who’s battered guitar goes through a series of metamorphoses to end up a fancy sitar and the bloke who pushes his girl in hoping for improvement are worthy of a grin or two. Dip into it at:

The Visa “Running man” ad is beautifully shot in a “naked bloke sprinting along dusty roads” kind of way. And the final joke is worth it, in the long run.
For sheer artistry and craft you’d have to go a long way to outpace the Douleurs sans frontiers, “Stop Pain” commercial. Animated perfectly it hits home with the accuracy of a sniper rifle without resorting to schmaltz and sentimentality. The end resolve is nicely achieved I won’t even tell you about it for fear of spoiling the moment. Run it down at:
It had my usually flint-hearted art director reaching for her Visa card so fast she chipped her “Running Nun” violent red nail varnish.

Finally amongst my hopefuls for glory, the Adidas “Break up service” ad deserves a serious pat on the back. The idea itself would be worthy of recognition, but the pace and energy of the film, without too much overt branding, is masterful. Make a date with it at:
Hopefully it’ll have the guys from TBWA London racing up to the stage again and again for a quick Can Can or two. You heard it here first.

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